Homework & Exams


Homework will generally be assigned at every class meeting. Most homework problems will come from the readings, but additional problems will occasionally be assigned.

Homework solutions may be submitted in person (they will be returned promptly) or on Blackboard. They will be graded very leniently; as long as you submit something for an assignment, you’ll be given full credit for it.

Each assignment will have a due date, which is the recommended date for its completion. But I will accept homework up to one week after the deadline. Assignments submitted more than one week past the deadline will not be given credit.

It is fine to collaborate with others on homework; it is fine to get help from others. But everything you submit must have been written by you.

In order to be successful in this course, it is crucial to devote a lot of time and effort to working on homework.


There will be three “midterm” exams, tentatively scheduled for Monday, October 4; Monday, November 1; and Monday, November 29.

The final exam is scheduled for TBD from TBD to TBD, according to the Registrar’s Office: TBD. The final exam will be cumulative.

Many exam questions will be similar to homework problems.

Further guidance for exams will be announced approximately two weeks before the first exam.


The final course grade will be based on:

  • Three “midterm” exams: 20% each
  • Final exam: 30%
  • Homework: 5%
  • Attendance and participation: 5%
    Note: Participation may occur in person (during class or office hours) or online (over Zoom, Discord, or email).

Grades will not be curved, unless there is a clear need. Letter grades will be assigned according to this table:

Numeric score98-10093-9790-9287-8983-8680-8277-7973-7670-7267-6963-6660-62<60
Letter gradeA+AA-B+BB-C+CC-D+DD-F